Data Import and Export

Data Import and Export
I seems that we can only import addresses without names and notes.
Also export seems to exclude times and time restrictions.
So we end with a well planned route, but no idea who we are going to see, when, or why.

To import addresses with names, time windows and quotes:

To export data, use the Download button:…

That problem is not really clear. Can you explain with more examples? If you don’t want to share here, send them by email to

Servicetimes can be imported between ( ), We’ll add that to the documentation.

Thank you for your reply, very helpful.
Provided that I use semicolons instead of commas in the “CSV” import, it works perfectly.

I still have a problem with the export.  I have the address, name and note.
The four numerical columns are missing and I have two new ones.
Example;  11:41 0:30 23:30 17:16 becomes “34.7”;“0:55” on export.

And one more thing; I don’t see an opportunity to import or export the “Service time” field.