Correct an address


I am new to RouteXL and cannot find how to correct a wrongly geocoded address. The address is found in another city because of something written wrong. Can I manually correct the address for this one stop?

If no route is mapped, you can drag & drop the markers of your locations to move them to the right place.

To remove a route either press F5, or open and save the options.

I mean, I would like to correct the address, to try to find it better. I usually don’t know exactly where the address is (so cannot move it to the right place), but I can see that it is in the wrong city.

I woul like to try different ways of writing the address and re-run a search for that address.

Once added to the map, you can not change the address as such to move it. If you want to correct it, you should delete it and add it again with the corrected address.

In our docs are more tips and hints on finding addresses

Ok, thank you! Understood

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