Confused by fuel consumption calculation!

OK, I’m not the best at math, but this seems quite wrong to me.

My car’s fuel efficiency is entered as 27 miles per gallon. But, for example, if I calculate a trip of 19.3 miles, RouteXL tells me I’ll use 1.2 gallons of fuel. That works out to about 16 mpg, not 27.

What am I missing here??

It may be the numbers you are using. Can you give an example with screenshots?

OK, there’s a couple of screen shots. Shows my efficiency entered as 27 mpg, price of gas $2.50. For a trip of 139 miles, I should be using something more like 5.15 gallons, at a cost of $12.87. Right? Or has my brain slipped a gear?

You are right, that’s wrong indeed. We found the problem, the system is based on the metric system and the conversion of volume was done wrong. A fix for this was pushed to the website, so it should be correct now.

The quick fix is always the best! I figured it might have been this. Thanks!

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