Completed Delivery By Mistake


After I have inputted all the delivery addresses and pressed the “Route” button to optimise my route. While I am out and about delivering and I accidentally press the “complete” button on the wrong delivery number as completed by mistake, how do I “undo” the completed address back to still pending?

As I can see them under the “Addresses” section with the completed time stamp on. But I can”t find a way to put the certain completed drop number back to uncompleted.

Many thanks

You can not undo an address individually, but you can reset the route as a whole.

  1. Close the fulfilment dialog
  2. Use the “Routes” button to show your previous routes
  3. If the route was not saved yet, add it with Favorites > Current
  4. Click the “Edit” button of the route
  5. Select “Reset fulfilment” and press “Ok”
  6. Reload the route with the “Load” button

Thank you for getting back to me & letting me know.

To follow up on this, we took another look at the Fulfilment dialog. We were able to add a simple “Undo” button, which resets the last completed stop. It’s on the test site now for you to check it out. If it works, we’ll include it in the next update.

Instructions for the test site: