Can't import more than 100 addresses

Hi, I am trying to set up a delivery to 325 locations split across 52 routes. However, I am running into two problems.

  1. If I try to import more than 100 addresses, I get the error message saying, “You’ve reached the maximum number of locations.”
  2. When I go into options to set the number of rounds, it won’t let me set it higher than 20.

I have a monthly subscription to RouteXL 100. According to the price plan, I should be able to have an unlimited number of routes (not sure why 20 is my max) and I should be able to make 100 stops per route.

Thanks in advance for your help.

  • James

You can not import all 325 addresses at once. The maximum is 100 addresses per route, which is one optimization run. Each route can be split in max 20 rounds.


To create 52 seperate routes you must preselect addresses for each route. For each route import the addresses and find the best route.