Can I save all my address and pick what ones I need to visit

I have over 200 address that I visit each month but they are not always on the same day and I can also get the odd one off address thrown in, is their anyway all my destations can be saved on the map that would allow me to select the ones I need to visit for that day instead of having to input them all.

You can not save all your destinations on the map.

But if you’re logged in, all addresses you’ve used can be retrieved via the “Recent” button in the Addressses dialog. You can easily search destinations and click them to add to the map. You may to give it a try to see if this helps you out.

The list of recent addresses as described is ready and available at Addresses > Recent

No, you can not add all destinations to the map and create a route to a subset.

Any news about this function?
It would be very useful for us.
Something like the markers in Google Maps, that can be selected and de-selected.


I need to select all the clients that I have to reach in the week, but have a route only for the ones I have to reach in the next day.

Is there a way to have a route only for some destinations?