Can I put a list of locations with routes on RouteXL map via a URL?


I can optimize the address order (using tour API) and I need to visualize it on a map with the route in a separate window/tab in the browser. I have 15-20 stops per route. 

I think of s.g. like putting together a URL with the stops (geocodes) and pass it to the browser to load. Is it possible? 

Thank you.

You might try our deeplink and replace the addresses with your coördinates:…

But note that this deeplink is not fit to generate a large number of visualisations. If you require many routes visualized you’d better check other specialized mapping API’s, like Mapquest, Mapbox or Google.

The API does not yet have paths at this moment, but that is on our list for development.

The maximum number of stops depends on your subscription: 10 points/route for free users, or 100/150 points/route for upgraded accounts.

We hope to have it in v2 of the API. That will not go live before September, but it may come available for testing before that.

If it is ready for testing we’ll notify you.

Thanks for the idea. Is there an option to “connect” the waypoints with route lines? What is the max number of stops? Thx.

Do you have an ETA for this feature? 

OK, thank you. How will I know if it’s available for testing? Can I subscribe for a channel? Thx.

Thank you very much!