Bicke route in order i put adresses in, no optimalisation

dear Sir/ madam. being a nurse in Amsterdam  i need to visit  clients//patients  and i do not need optimalisation because  the pp that  need to be visited different times, i just need the  list of adresses just in the order i put them in, so i can see how much time i need to bicicle. and hopefully my boss will pay me for… can you help me please?? would be great for all nurses working  in my branche…xxxplease?? 

Bike routing is on our list for future development. We can’t give a time line right now, but it will surely come some day.

Meanwhile, you can plan a route and use the “Download” button to export it to Google Maps or Graphhopper, where you can select bike mode.

Routing for bike is now available for testing on our test site. You can set the vehicle at the Options button. Check it out at:

We’d love to hear your feedback on this new feature!