Balance option

What is the purpose of the balance option (routing) when I plan a multiple stop trip with 2 or more vhls?

Tks & regards. Luca

The balance lets you decide wether the optimization algorithm should minimize total travel time (left) or clock time (right) when finding the best route to visit all stops.

  • Travel time is the sum of all travel between stops. If you choose this, the work may not be divided equally over vehicles, but the total travel will be minimal. E.g. one vehicle may be 6 hours on the road, while the other 1 hour; a total of 7 hours.

  • Clock time is the time of arrival at the last stop. If you choose this, the work is more equally divided, but the total travel may not minimal. E.g. both vehicles will be 4 hours of work, a total of 8 hours.
    You may want to start off with the balance at 50%. If you think the work is not enough equally divided, move the balance to the right. If you think the routes can be faster, move the balance to the left.

Note: the service time spent on location does not impact travel time, but does impact clock time. If you have large service times, e.g. 5 minutes or more, the routes may be biased towards clock time.