As a Free user, can I save various maps routes

I am a free user, and want to know if it is possible for me to save a number of different routes. Basically, I want to save a different route for each day of the week. I would be saving two different weekly routes. One for Route week one on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In addition I would be saving a Route for the second week with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday routes. Each day for week one is a different route, and each day for week two is a different route. Can I save all six routes in the software if I am a Free User Account?

You can save routes indeed. You do not need an upgrade or be a paid user. However you need to be logged in with a (free) account.

When you have created the route, go to the Routes button in the top right corner to save the route as a bookmark/favorite. You can also give the route a name, e.g. the day of the week.