Arrival dates and times at locations

I have been doing multi drops and put in all the addresses I need to go to in order of shortest distance, which has been very helpful to complete my deliveries.
However, I have only once been able to get the details greying out once i have arrived at the locations and the time and date are then shown as a record, for the office to keep track of my time and date of arrival of where i am and where im going next on that day.
Have I switched something off or has this feature been taken off?
It was very useful for the office to see i have been and gone and on to my next one in order, and the date and time record was very good info for them.

Most probably you’ve been making adjustments to the route and/or replanned it? That would create a new route with a new ID and your fulfilment timestamps will be saved for that new route. If your office is checking the “old” route with the old ID, it won’t see those timestamps.

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Thanks for the reply.
The office input all the addresses and once they have added the whole list, for exampe say 21 drops, then they email me the link, so I don’t change it, I just do it!?

Then it may be you’re not logged in? Make sure to log in first, then open the link.

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When they send me the email, i click on the link and my phones web browser opens it, but ive never had to log in or anything to see the map or the addresses?

The route URL link does not log you in automatically. To log in first, either open the website before you click the URL. The welcome screen has a button to sign in. Alternatively, use the “Options” button in the top right corner and tap the “Account” button to sign in. When logged in, then open the route link.