API v2 request takes more than 15mins

we are trying to get optimised routes using v2 API.
The requests we are using include more than 170 unique points and the response time takes more than 15mins to get back :confused: causing our lambda functions to timeout (900sec is the max execution time we can setup in aws for lambda execution time).

Is there are way to double check that yes the requests we do make take more than 900s to be processed from routeXL

is there a way to utilise some kind of callback mechanism once the routing is finished in order to make the request and once done to callback one of our urls to get the response?

Thank you in advance for your help

Unfortunately you can not check the processing time on beforehand, or have the API callback your url’s after the routing is finished.

However, 900 sec is way beyond the maximum execution time in our algorithm. If you can share your input here or email to info@routexl.com we can check what is happening.

I was just wondering what issues were involved here, since our implementation will work with 100+ location too within a short period of time.

In short, locations were very close to each other. The distance table did not generate fast enough because the “foot” profile and was very complex (asymmetrical). Many legs between two points were unroutable. We’ve advised to use the “drone” profile, which uses a symmetrical distance table as the crow flies.

Ok we need to use the smalltruck type because we work with small trucks :-). never the less we have the response now in 40 seconds, Not fast but faster to think to to solve it otherwise.