API time out issue

Is the api down? We are receiving timeouts for all the api calls. Even https://api.routexl.nl/status/Hello+world is not returning results.

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We encountered this issue, too.
Can you please inform us, when your service will be available again?

We’ve restart the server, it should be up and running again.

We use almost 24 hours this API… the problems started at 4.00 o’clock… and we noticed that each month with the premium account the service stopped also for a few hours… each month again… Is there something to change on this issue…

If the service breaks every month, that probably has to do with the recurring payment via PayPal. Although there is some slack built in, it depends on third-party software and services to update the subscription end date.

The best way to prevent this may be to take up a business subscription. These do not have an end date that needs to be updated each month. You can request a business subscription here.