API login fails

the htaccess login window opens, when I open https://api.routexl.nl/ - but I can not log in.
I did register (otherwise I would not be able to post here :slight_smile: ) - am I doing something wrong?


Although that page will only show a welcome page, you should be able to log in. Are you sure you’ve entered the credentials correctly? You may try to reset your password here.

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aha… I notice, I have to use my username (not the email address) to log into the api.

Thanks a lot - works now.

Hi. I have a question but I can’t find a place to post it. :flushed:

Is it possible to pass the credentials into the post method of a form? This example is taken from your webpage … but I have to login everytime

We have not tested that, but we think it should be possible.

If you can not get it to work, share your html code here, or email it to info@routexl.com