API 409 error "No locations"

But we are sending a lat and lng in the input json. So why would further geocoding be required? We are currently sending the address to open street maps to get the geo coordinates.

This issue has been signalled by free users that add addresses on the map of the routeplanner website. If you import coordinates or use our API, indeed no geocoding is required.

If you use the API or import coordinates, and you get the same error, that’s probably another issue. We’d need more details to check that.

Here is my payload: {"locations":[{"address":"Landsbergerstr. München","lat":48.1399037,"lng":11.5345584},{"address":"Boosstr. 17, München, 81541","lat":48.124691999999996,"lng":11.579191521147884},{"address":"Zeppelinstraße 17, München, 81481","lat":48.2518594,"lng":11.622388597187761},{"address":"Zenettistr. München","lat":48.1226403,"lng":11.5593216}]}

I am getting a 409 response.

My request URL is https://api.routexl.com/tour and my request method is POST

We’ve split this into a seperate topic as it is another issue. Your 409 response is probably triggered because it’s only the locations value that needs to be json_encoded, not the payload as a whole. Check this example in Postman:

Here is what I am getting. Could you try my set of locations to see what response you get?

I am sending via params and not x-www-form-urlencoded… when I send that way I get a response.