After 5 req stopped working

Hi, we would like use your routeXL platform for planning routes in our ERP software. We are using your API and today we bought one day license for tommorow presentation and its not working! We need it for our big client who will buy your platform (if it will works) for almost 100 truck daily online on our app and for their dispatcheres. Today we are testing so we need it up and running properly.

There are no error messages in our log for your account. What’s the error message you’re getting? Can you share your input?

The problem is that after these 5 or so attempts, your entire site is unavailable for a few hours. No error message is displayed, only that the site is unavailable.

We’ve traced your IP back and found it was blocked in our firewall because of the user agent Mozilla/3.0 (compatible; Indy Library), which is filtered out to stop bad bots.

Are you using Delphi by any chance? If so, try to set Request.UserAgent to anything different.

Yes we are using delphi, ok we will try but, if its not going to work, can you give us any exception?

We’d rather help you with the code. If you share that, here or via email, we can advise.

Hello, we have changed the value of the UserAgent property and everything is working correctly.

Thank you for your quick help.

Good to hear. We hope the presentation went well.

If could share the code you’ve changed, for other users to benefit from, that would be appreciated :blush: