Address sorting by Tour API is not proper comparing to map preview

We have checked couple of addresses for building our service delivery, the sorting from TOUR API was random not by the way a person can visit each house easily one street, street have addresses on left and right hand side, our candidate need a sorting for best route to work, it will be route trip. but it show sorting like 1,3,17,16,15 for one side address which is wrong for service as we need 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 upto 200 by road map route.
What we found is “The sorting is not based on road map but is based on distance only.”
Please help on this as soon as possible.


The map shows the sorting order(the number) which we got from RouteXL and on map its show different as the addresses are very close to visit but the order was wrong from Tour API.

To check this we’d need the exact request you send in to the API, and the result you’re getting from it. If you do not want to share that here, please email to

sure, I have just sent email