Adding type=car gives 10 times higher arrival times?

This is the final node in my route without ´parameters[type]=car`:

{'name': '0', 'lat': '51.162797', 'lng': '4.141202', 'arrival': 129, 'distance': 105.4}

And this is with:

{'name': '0', 'lat': '51.162797', 'lng': '4.141202', 'arrival': 1287, 'distance': 107.2}

That seems wrong indeed, assuming all other data is the same. Please share the full request we can investigate the issue, preferably with some screen shots. If you do not want to share here, you can also email to

While writing you the mail with the request I think I may have found the issue? It parses to &parameters[type]=“car”, could the quotes be causing it to default to some other type? I’ll still send you the mail with the full request

There should not be quotes, but the default is car. So there should be no difference. We’ve received your mail and will have someone work on that.

The vehicle type is indeed not correctly set to the default value when the input is wrong. The fallback mechanism gets triggered, resulting in routes as the crow flies (straight lines). We’ll correct that.