Add waypoints to an open route

I can add lines in the Addresses list (via reverse geocoding) with a mouse click, but only when first entering route points. Is there a way to do the same after a route has been calculated? I am planning school bus routes and (for example) need to create ‘minor waypoints’, and insert them in the route, to control the direction-of-approach to a stop.

Adding stops by clicking on the map is disabled while a route is displayed. That’s done on purpose to prevent accidental maps clicks removing the route. Removing the route by accident proved to be undesirable in many cases.

A workaround may be to change a setting that will remove the route. E.g. after the route has been calculated set Options > Routing > Type of vehicle to bike and tap Save. The route will now be removed. Add the waypoints as you like. Change the vehicle setting back to your original choice and hit the Find route button.

This work around doesn’t really work - (upon recalc, sometimes the route is entirely different with a whole new set of impossible and/or illegal turns.) School buses must approach stops to starboard, cannot back onto certain roads for U-turns, etc. Suggest thinking about a product enhancement for a future release. Perhaps a right-mouse click to insert a ‘Zero Service time’ turn point, locked to before/after route-point sequence. These ‘forced waypoints’ would be erased when/if a route re-calc was initiated, but would be included in the output when a route plan was completed.

A friend who routes beer delivery trucks (and who suggested I investigate RouteXL) has similar needs to micro control turns and approaches.

Absent this enhancement, I cannot recommend RouteXL to our clients (Bus Companies and School Districts.)

Sorry to hear the work around doesn’t work. We’ll record your suggestion for future development.

Note that the routeplanner already accepts before/after restrictions for pickup & delivery points. If you edit a location, you can set which location to visit before or after.