409 Conflict

I’m using Postman to test the API. When trying to POST to https://api.routexl.nl/tour I always get a 409 Confilict status as a response, with “No input found” in the body.
The json I’m posting in the request is: locations=[{“address”:“Inicio”,“lat”:“52.05429”,“lng”:“4.248618”},{“address”:“trabajo 1243”,“lat”:“52.076892”,“lng”:“4.26975”}]

Here is an example in Postman:

Your credentials go into the Basic Auth tab.

Ok found it, the data needs to be x-www-form-urlencoded key = “locations” and it works!

Hi, how did you get it to work with postman? I ?m always getting an 404 error :( 
Could you tell me a little step by step example?

Perfect, thanks. Got it working now.