400 Bad Request - Header or Cookie too large

Hi, I’m based in South Africa and I’ve been using the free Route XL service for sometime now (Thank you!), however on Friday when I tried to go on the website I got a blank screen with a header that said “400 Bad Request - Header or Cookie too large (nginx)”.

I used my colleague’s computer to log in and who is on the same network as me and everything worked fine. I 've tried clearing my browser history and cookies and cache but i’m still getting the same error today (Monday). I’m using Chrome browser.

Can you please tell me what to do or if my computer is blocked from using your services please tell me why or what have I done?

Kind regards

We have one user that reported the same issue a few days ago. We have no explanation and we can not replicate the problem, but it could be a plugin or extension.

The first thing to try is indeed to clear the cache and force a full reload of the website. You have done that, but for sake of completeness here are instructions.

If that does not work, the next thing to try is restart your system, or using the website with another browser, e.g. Firefix or Edge.

Hi, Thanks for the response. The site seems to be working again. I went back and deleted all my cookies and browser history again, but this time, I selected “All Time” from the “Time Range” dropdown menu on Chrome (it’s defaulted to “Last 24h” so I think that may have been the problem).

Kind regards and thank you again for a great product!

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