Definition of ready and due in api

I am trying to implement the ready and due “feature” into my route calculation:

Do I have to add a ready time for the first location e.g. the start point of the route or is this always 0 minutes? For example: If I want to start a route at 8.00 am and one of the locations opens only at 11.00am and closes at 2:00 pm. Would the ready variable be 180 and the due 360?
I did many calculations with various time windows and the order sometimes changed but in most cases the order would not make sense.

Is someone using this feature successully? Am I missing something?


Time windows are indeed relative. The start point is always 0 minutes. Using ready time 180 and due time 360 is correct. Note that these need to be in an array “restrictions”, e.g.

{"name":"location1","lat":"51.33","lng":"4.18","restrictions":{"ready":180, "due":360}}

You may check the results using the website. The “Import” button can now be used to import the JSON you send to the API.

If you have doubts about a route, please share your input and the results here or send them via email

The live website has indeed some problems with JSON import. 

It should work however on our test website:

Hi. thanks, then I ?ve understood it correctly.

I ?ve tried to check the result on the website with the import button but with no luck. It didn ?t recognize the different stops but only one. Can you give me an example on how it has to look like? Is it also possible just to put in the coordinates or do I have to put in a name as well?