Trying to edit route list but won't save change

I’ve input all my addresses, optimized the route but I need to make a few minor changes, like stop b has to come after stop c and stop d must be after stop e.  I can make 1 change, it tells me “the route won’t be optimized do you want to proceed” I hit ok and it’ll make that change.  But when I go to adjust for the second change it just keeps reoptimizing the route and won’t save change 2.  I have to hit “find route” in order to make another change, this however removes the first change.  Kind of frustrating.  IS there a way to make multiple changes already that I’m just missing? or is this feature coming soon?


The procedure you describe should work. There must be something wrong in the communication with the server, when telling it not to optimize routes. The way this works is that the optimization setting is temporarily disabled.

You can do this manually after the route is optimized, by using Options > Routing > Optimize routes. Disable that setting, then resort the addresses as you wish. Make sure to re-enable the optimization setting when you start a new route.