Supply restock and delivery


I found your site and really like it but I am not sure if it can do what I need. I have a planned route that is about 340 stops over about 30 days or so. At each stop I will be using some supplies and need to plan for restocks at specific addresses. So how I want my route to look is 1. Stock at specific location. 2. deliveries/service calls for a specific duration and using a percentage of the supplies. 3. restock at one of a list of locations. 4. repeat steps 2 and 3 until all addresses have been delivered to. Is this something that is possible with your site?

That is not possible as such. Route optimization with restocking on multiple locations is not supported. Our next update will be able to handle simple capacity restrictions, but that will not be enough for your case.

However, if you could pre-distribute your stops over the days, e.g. in Excel or other software, then you could use our site to plan each day seperately. Of course this is suboptimal, but it may get you going.