QR Codes not working

A few weeks ago I generated QR codes for a number of routes using my PC and scanned them using the QR scanner on my phone. They worked well at the time.
Today I’ve scanned the same codes using the same scanner app on the same phone and it just takes me to the RouteXL site with a map of Britain but no addresses in.
I thought it might be a fault with the scanner app but when I generate a new QR code for the same old addresses the scanner app works well. It’s only the old codes I created a few weeks ago that don’t work.
The routes were created using a free trial, but I’m assuming they should still last, shouldn’t they? Or do they expire?
Any ideas welcome please; otherwise I have to re-do all the codes for 47 routes.

It’s not due to the QR code, but the route has probably expired. Following the GDPR we’ve shortenend the period we store routes that are not marked public nor saved as favorite. If these are old routes, you’ve probably not done that.

You may share some route URL’s or QR codes here, or via email info@routexl.com, so we can check their status in more detail.