No due/ready time respected

Hi, we’re in trouble with ready/due time.
we set to visit a stop after 9:00 and before 19 but we get 22:30 as stop time, as you can see from picture below. Why???


There may be various reasons for not meeting time windows. Important to know is that they are treated as soft restrictions in the optimization. These restrictions are weighted against other aspects.

When you have many locations and all have time windows, with large distances between them, it may not be possible to respect all due times.

If you applied the 9-19h time slot to all stops, that will not work. You should minimize the use of time windows, only set them where it may impact the order of destinations.

Ok, thanks.

for me time slot are not SOFT restrictions 'cause all stops are shops and they all have an opening time. How is possible to respect the timeslot?

The algorithm will respect the time slots if it fits and there are no conflicting aspects.

If it is not feasible to visit all shops in one day, the algorithm will not solve that for you. In that case you can:

  • Increase the speed with the setting at Options > Parameters > Speed. E.g. if you drive a Ferrari deliveryvan, set the value to 130. Use this at your own risc :wink:
  • Increase the number of rounds. That will divide the shops over multiple days/drivers. Check Options > Routing > Number of rounds

For me is ok to split all the shops over more days rounds but I want to stop at the last shop in the day and begin from that the next day. How to do that?

if i set Number of round > 1 i get 2 drivers, not 2 days.
Another question, I set Max roundtime = 10 hours but also this restriction will be ignored.


There is currently no support for “day splitting”. It is on our list for future development.

If all your shops have 9-19h opening hours, the work-around would be to plan one route, without any time slots and without multiple rounds.The idea is that you drive until the shops close, then you find a hotel, and continue the next day. Download our CSV file and import into Excel to calculate arrival times, if you need these.

The maximum round time is a soft restriction too. If you plan multiple rounds it will try to keep the duration of all rounds, but it will not create additional rounds for you if it does not fit.