Hello together, Everytime I try to find a route, I get the error code: RS-ZERO What is going wrong? Greetings J. Nowara

That’s a general error message and it can have various reasons.

Send your addresses to so we can check it out.

Peter, that’s a pity. But if we can’t replicate the problem, we can’t solve it. Therefore please send your addresses to

RS-ZERO is a general message, not specific enough to have ideas. There’s nothing in the error log too.

You may want to open this link, which adds some addresses to the routeplanner and starts the optimization automagically after a few seconds:

route with multiple stops

If this gives an error too, post the screenshot or e-mail to

irrespective of the addresses, I always get this message. I Use Safari and Chrome on a OS 10.9.2

Do you have any ideas?

got the same problem on both, firefox and internet explorer

i sent you my adresses and you solved the problem on your system. but my still didnt work. it worked on my friends computer. now i uninstalled my last installed programms with ccleaner and cleaned registry and system, i uninstalled a mp3 to wma- converter and firefox-maintenance or something like that. now it works. by the way thanks a lot for calculating my route for next week. maybe jochen can do the same to get his route working, hope it helps
… have a nice sunday