Can i add times to the drops

Hi, Can i view the time it takes to get from a to b etc . Can i put in multiple destinations t with a start time to see the timing for each drop ? Thanks Mark

In the options dialog you can set your default departure time. This will be used as start time on which timings of each drop will be based. The timings will show in the driving directions below the map.

You may also set time windows for one or more destinations. Just select an address and click the edit button. With time windows set you’ll be asked to confirm the departure time before the route optimization starts.

Note that arrival timings are based on the departure time + travel times + service times. Service time is the time spent at a destination. This can also set in the options (default service time) and for each address seperately.

To set defaults in the options dialog, you’ll need to register. But there is a free plan for routes up to 20 stops :wink:

If you’d rather edit time windows or service times on location level, that requires to no registration at all.


Do i get this with the free one or do i need to register ?