2 routing issues

I would like to report two routing issues that I’ve come across. To illustrate the issues, I’ve created this simple route: RouteXL - fastest route with multiple stops.

The first issue is that a turn restriction is not respected. At the crossing of Buddinkdijk and Hamelandroute, you are only allowed to go straight on from all four sides. OSM models this restriction correctly using four relations. The route makes you turn right there (with vehicle = car).

The second issue is that the destination address is approached from the wrong road, because it happens to be closer to the address than the road the address belongs to. The address is inaccessible from the other road. This tends to happen in the country side for addresses with long driveways that are not modeled (in OSM) and it can really mess up the route when such an address is near a motorway or other high-speed road where there are few exits.

The first issue needs some more time to investigate, as it seems that OSM data is not processed correctly. We’re not sure why that is but we’ll work on that.

The second issue is a known problem and happens often when destinations are mapped close to bypassing roads. The only solution we can offer at this moment is to move the stop manually before the route is created, by simply drag & drop. Move the marker on the map closer to the road to which the address belongs to, and create the route with that.